Březen 2016

Monday - 21/3/2016

21. března 2016 v 22:49 | Misaki/Kate |  MyselfSHIT
Nejsem si jistá, jestli mám psát nové články anglicky nebo česky, ale zřejmě anglicky na procvičení. Momentálně jsem nemocná, litujte mě.

Since I've been sick tho and had many days off, I could watch what I wanted since the start of this year. I've been patient for full 8 weeks and waited for one particular K-drama to air. That drama is called Signal and after watching it, I've decided to sell my soul to whoever buys me anything related to it. Director Kim Won Suk did an amazing job filming it and getting extremely talented actors. I'll write some summary of the story here, just for the lazy people.
It's basically about cops from the present (2015) and a cop from the past (1989) which are connected without knowing it and together they're trying to solve cold cases through an old radio transmitter that works only at certain time.
Man, let me tell you. I didn't even know what to expect. That's a lie, I knew it pretty well. I've watched Misaeng (Incomplete Life) directed by the same person and I was depressed even week after I completed watching it. Signal was much stronger though.

I felt like my whole life is pointless, because I can't do anything about people dying. Doesn't matter if it's naturally or by any other circumstance. The soundtrack didn't help either, because it was on the same level as the story. Powerful, sad and beautiful at once. Everytime I listen to any of the songs, I feel like solving some cases lmao.

Don't get me wrong, I didn't watch just this drama. I've gone through Moorim School, Remember - War of the Son (Also fantastic!) and currently watching Local Hero. There's a whole lot on my list to watch, year 2016 is really bringing some awesome stuff so far.
Signal is still very fresh in my memory, because I finished watching it yesterday. And I belive it's going to stay there for a long time. I never re-watch stuff, but I feel like watching this with someone else again. Hopefully there's going to be Season 2 awaiting us in the future, because the ending was quiet open.
My ratings are:
Storyline - 9.8/10
Music - 9.8/10
Production - 9.5/10
Overall it was nearly perfect. I'm writing "nearly" because nothing in this world is perfect.

That's all I wanted to write here I guess. Honestly I've decided to start blogging again, because 1) I had the need share my opinions about things. 2) Nobody on Facebook cares about that lol.

Hopefully gonna update soon, not sure if my next article is going to be in Czech or English. Maybe both.